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Surgeon puts best feet forward

ORTHOPEADIC surgeon Gordan Slater of Specialist Foot and Ankle Surgery in Lavington will be chairperson for the Hallux valgus (bunion) part of the Global Foot and Ankle Congress held in China in May 2017. 
The second annual meeting of the Global Foot and Ankle Congress aims to bring together international foot and ankle experts and leaders to exchange knowledge and experience in their field.
 It involves sessions based on forefoot, midfoot, hindfoot, ankle surgery, sports medicine and arthroscopy and also offers participants the opportunity to interact and interchange through posters, open discussions and program projects.
Dr Slater has a keen interest in ‘minimally invasive foot surgery’ which uses a tiny titanium cannulated screw to operate on bunions, ankles and feet, speeding up what could otherwise be a prolonged recovery phase. 
He has also performed minimally invasive surgery on his patients for over the past three years and in that time has also contributed various research articles to medical journals. 
Dr Slater said he was eager to talk on the technique which can be applied to anywhere in the foot and also the subcutaneous bone in the lower leg. 
“Minimally invasive surgery is one of those things that’s been initially developed in the UK and France and has been going a couple years in Australia now,” Dr Slater said. 
“The technique means I can do a bunion procedure without stitching and I only have to use steristrips.
“It’s a modification of a dental instrument you can divide the bone with the instrument and then you can shift around it to get the correction. It’s been really popular in this region and Sydney,” he said. 
The conference will also include a cocurrent exhibition showcasing the latest products and technologies.
Dr Slater said the conference was important because its experts, leaders and innovators in foot and ankle technology and research share knowledge and ideas. 
“It’s important to transfer knowledge between nations in terms of what leading technologies are available particularly from countries like Australia because typically we are leaders in many areas.” 
The feet are a vital part of the body containing one quarter of the body’s bones and are what enables a person to get from point “A to point B”, Dr Slater said. 
“Your feet are your foundation, that’s where it all starts,” he said. 
“Even the humble bunion, which is often dismissed, can cause alterations that have ramifications right up through your whole body - from ankle and knee problems to back pain. 
“It’s important to look after your feet particularly if you suffer from diabetes, arthritis, strains, bunions and chronic pains.”
Dr Gordan Slater
Dr Slater assessing a foot
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