Meet the team 

Whether you’re suffering from bunions, sports injuries or anything else, we have the team on hand who will provide tailor-made treatment that will soon have you back on your feet.
Dr. Radley Steel (MBBS DSpMed) Sports Medicine
With 25 years’ experience in sports medicine, Dr. Steel provides assessment, diagnosis and management for all types of injuries. Whether you’ve acquired an acute injury due to trauma, or overuse has led to musculoskeletal injuries, Dr. Steel treats people of all ages and from all sporting backgrounds.

Having previously founded and run a highly successful multidisciplinary Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Centre in Sydney (1988 to 2002), Dr. Steel later moved to North East Victoria. Since 2003, he’s been providing sports medicine and injury management services at the North East Sports Medicine in Wodonga, as well as enjoying fly-fishing, skiing and wine in his spare time.  

At the Specialist Foot & Ankle Group, Dr. Steel assists Dr. Slater in minimally invasive foot surgery and in post-operative care at the Albury practice
Dr. Steel optimises patient outcomes through:
  • Tailoring comprehensive and evidence-based treatment programs 
  • Rapid access to up-to-date diagnostic and treatment service providers 

The key benefits to patients are:
  •  The right diagnosis and the right treatment from the outset
  •  Identification of correctable training errors or biomechanical faults, to prevent injuries recurring
  •  Up to date, evidence-based, effective diagnostic and treatment protocols 
portrait of dr radley steel
Dr. Radley Steel (MBBS DSpMed) Sports Medicine
Tim Madden (Podiatrist)

Tim specialises in the assessment and treatment of injuries of the foot and ankle as well as assisting with shin, knee and hip issues. Having worked with elite athletes, including representative soccer players, AFL players and Australian junior basketballers, Tim treats people of all ages and has extensive experience in prescribing and adjusting foot orthotics.

Using the very latest technology, Tim can accurately prescribe custom foot orthotics for our patients to ensure the best results. At the Specialist Foot & Ankle Group, we also offer a range of additional treatment options, including prolotherapy, dry needling, footwear advice and exercise prescription. This helps us address our patients’ concerns quickly, so they can return to their sporting and exercise regime as soon as possible.
Services include:
  • Prescription orthotic therapy 
  • Assessment and treatment of biomechanical and musculoskeletal issues 
  • Sports medicine
  • Injury treatment and management of the lower limb (from feet to hips) 
  • Strengthening and reconditioning plans for re-educating and correcting muscle patterns for functionality
  • Assisting degenerative issues 
portrait of tim madden
Tim Madden (Podiatrist)
Virginia Stewart (RN, Grad Dip Nurse Management (dist) Dip Ed, MNCN)

Our nurse consultant in the Sydney practice, Virginia has held a variety of positions over the years, including Director of Nursing, Nurse Educator and Clinical Nurse Specialist. With a proven track record of successful clinical teaching and management in a wide range of multicultural environments, both in Australia and overseas, Virginia has a solid background in orthopaedic nursing.

With excellent qualifications and experience in nursing, education, and business management, Virginia will always be available to give advice on patient care.
Administration team

Our friendly administration team is on hand to greet you with a smile and give you a warm welcome when you come to our clinics, Emily, Tihana and Sarah will handle all of your inquiries as well as assist with your initial consult right through to hospital bookings, review appointments, and follow-up care, our admin team is your first point of contact for all general, account, and after-care inquiries.
Call us today on 1300 338 778 to book an appointment with our ankle surgeon in Double Bay.
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