Minimally Invasive Bunion Surgery

If you have bunions, then it’s best to seek professional help sooner rather than later to prevent the problem from worsening. Often hereditary, bunions are primarily a deformity of the foot joint at the base of the big toe and are referred to medically as hallux valgus.
Surgical bunion reduction

Bunion reduction is essential not just to treat the symptoms but also the underlying cause of your bunion(s). At the Specialist Foot & Ankle Group, we perform bunion surgery for lots of our patients, relieving them of their foot problems and helping to prevent further damage.

Bunion surgery involves two key stages, outlined below, which ensures the matter is dealt with efficiently.
  • Bringing the metatarsal towards the second toe: the first metatarsal is divided into two parts. The lower part contains the head and is brought towards the second metatarsal, with the two parts fixed using two tiny screws, which may need to be removed if you can feel them
  • Aligning the big toe along the metatarsal: the doctor will straighten the proximal phalanx and realign the great toe to the level of the first toe joint – this is held by a screw.
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